EDF/SEPTEN Experts Visited CIRP


法国EDF核工程部辐射防护专家William RANVAL 和Thomas JOBERT 9月6日来院访问,就辐射源项测量及事故后果评价技术与我院保健物理所、核环境科学所进行了技术交流。我院在上述领域的技术水平及试验条件得到了EDF专家的充分肯定。


On 6 September 2017, Mr. William RANVAL and Mr. Thomas JOBERT representing EDF-DIPNN / SEPTEN, visited the Dept. of Health Physics and Dept. of Nuclear Environmental Science, CIRP, and had exchanged with the related parts concerning the measurement program for source term of radiation and the radiological consequence assessment technology. The technology and facility regarding the above-mentioned fields at CIRP received recognition from the EDF experts.



Some topics of mutual interests were initially identified by discussion, including exchanges on source term measurement with in-situ Gamma spectroscopy in NPPs, joint R&D on modeling of source term corrosion, inter-comparison of radiological consequence assessment models; exchanges on tracer experiment and wind tunnel simulation technologies, and collaborative wind tunnel experiments. Both sides plan to make practical arrangements under the framework of comprehensive collaboration agreement between EDF and CNNC.