Expert from Swedish Radiation Safety Authority Visited CIRP



 Prof. Shulan Xu, expert in waste disposal, working with Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, visited CIRP from 15 to 18 October, 2018 as invited lecturer. This visit is a regular state-funded foreign expert introduction project of CIPR in 2018, approved by the State Bureau of Foreign Expert Affairs, to have an in-depth discussion with the Dept. of Nuclear Environmental Science on safety case of      radiological waste disposal and safety assessment.

交流会上,徐树兰教授重点阐释了放射性废物处置安全理念"safety case",即安全全过程系统分析,并与参会人员交流了safety case在国际和国内目前发展的现状,同时还应邀介绍了瑞典废物处置安全评价的要素及审管要求。核环境所、三废治理所与会人员就景象开发与选择、定性与定量分析、污染物在地下水的迁移过程模拟、远场的安全评价方法等多个问题与徐教授进行了讨论,并就现有研究领域、技术能力、近期重点工作以及我国中低放和高放废物处置场安全评价情况进行了报告。

At the meeting, Prof. Xu elaborated “safety case”, the safety philosophy of radioactive waste disposal, referring to systematic         analysis of the overall safety process. Its developments inside and outside China were discussed. Meanwhile, Prof. Xu was invited to   introduce the safety assessment elements and regulatory requirements for waste disposal in Sweden. The participants of the Dept. of   Nuclear Environmental Science and the Dept. of Waste Disposal had discussion with Prof. Xu on a lot of issues, for instance, scenario development and selection, qualitative and quantitative analysis, simulation of pollutant migration in groundwater, safety assessment of the far field. During the exchange, representatives of the Dept. of Nuclear Environmental Science made reports on existing research      fields, technical competence, priority areas of work, and domestic safety assessment status of low-and-intermediate level and high level radioactive waste (LILW and HLW) disposal site.


Both sides reached a consensus to jointly carry out safety case research of LILW, improving the institute expertise of making a       complete safety assessment report, which further promote the safety assessment level of waste disposal.


During the visit, Pro. Xu visited the radiation ecology laboratory and the atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnel.